AQBurk, low cost air quality sensor

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AQBurk briefly in English

AQBurk is a low-cost air quality sensor box, which measures particulate matter (PM10 & PM2.5), air temperature, humidity, pressure and optionally VOC gases. All components are commercially available and total cost (depending which components are chosen) is about 20-50 €.

There are two versions: one with LoRaWAN connectivity and one for local WLAN (Wi-Fi).

TODO: hardware

We have been using ESP8266 (for WLAN, 2-5€) and ESP32 (for LoRaWAN, 10-15€) micro-controllers. Particulate matter sensor is Nova SDS011 (widely available in Chinese web stores with less than 15€ price tag) and we have found it most of time reliable and accurate. Environmental sensors (air temperature, humidity, pressure and VOC) we have used are BME280 and BME680.

Source code

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